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Marketing On University Campus Programs
University and Campus Marketing programs are a great way to position your brand with a very desirable demographic. It is a unique environment and target audience that requires a knowledgeable team to deliver a memorable and successful experience.
Credit Card Acquisition Programs
Credit Card Acquisition programs are usually highly focused. You need to achieve specific results in a compressed amount of time. Jumpstart has been there. Whether it’s a mall setting, or at a sporting event we understand how to deliver maximum results regardless of the venue or time frame.
Door-to-Door Programs
Can Door to Door programs really be successful? The answer is YES if you know what you are doing. Effective Door to Door sales is a special skill and Jumpstart has years of experience in running a wide variety of campaigns. Jumpstart understands we are representing your brand and have the skill to make sure it is well represented.
In-Store & Retail Kiosk Programs
Jumpstart has all the resources to deliver you a turnkey kiosk program. We make sure every detail is taken care of from design and assembly to staffing. You can rest assured your product will be delivered exactly to your specifications and ensure your customers leave with a positive impression of your product/service and company.
Sales Promotion & Event Programs
When you have upcoming Sales Promotions or Special Events Jumpstart is an extension of your sales team. Our sales professionals have numerous events under their belts and understand how to quickly learn the way you want your sales message delivered.
1 800 506 6592

Credit Card Acquisitions


The Toronto Dominion Bank needed a company that could increase the number of TD Visa cardholders and be trusted with sensitive financial information. Jumpstart implemented mall promotions and deployed sales staff throughout British Columbia. New TD Visa cardholders were aggressively acquired.

Home Hardware’s goal was to increase the number of Homecard cardholders, so they turned to Jumpstart who deployed sales staff throughout Western Canada. New Homecard cardholders were aggressively acquired and the program was a complete success.

This national department store chain wanted to increase the number of customers using the Zellers credit card. Jumpstart deployed sales staff throughout BC at 12 stores to aggressively acquire new Zellers credit cardholders. This two-year program was a huge success – at some locations achieving 200% over quota and as high as 87% of applicants obtained the additional credit card insurance. Over 30,000 new credit cards were activated during this program.

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