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Marketing On University Campus Programs
University and Campus Marketing programs are a great way to position your brand with a very desirable demographic. It is a unique environment and target audience that requires a knowledgeable team to deliver a memorable and successful experience.
Credit Card Acquisition Programs
Credit Card Acquisition programs are usually highly focused. You need to achieve specific results in a compressed amount of time. Jumpstart has been there. Whether it’s a mall setting, or at a sporting event we understand how to deliver maximum results regardless of the venue or time frame.
Door-to-Door Programs
Can Door to Door programs really be successful? The answer is YES if you know what you are doing. Effective Door to Door sales is a special skill and Jumpstart has years of experience in running a wide variety of campaigns. Jumpstart understands we are representing your brand and have the skill to make sure it is well represented.
In-Store & Retail Kiosk Programs
Jumpstart has all the resources to deliver you a turnkey kiosk program. We make sure every detail is taken care of from design and assembly to staffing. You can rest assured your product will be delivered exactly to your specifications and ensure your customers leave with a positive impression of your product/service and company.
Sales Promotion & Event Programs
When you have upcoming Sales Promotions or Special Events Jumpstart is an extension of your sales team. Our sales professionals have numerous events under their belts and understand how to quickly learn the way you want your sales message delivered.
1 800 506 6592

What We Do

Sales & Marketing, Guerilla Marketing, Experiential Marketing, Event Marketing; there are several terms for what we do. We describe it as “connecting with the consumer in real time interaction”. Regardless of whether it is a sample program, presenting your product or brand in a new and unique circumstance or building buzz on a University Campus, we have one goal; Make it Memorable.

The first question we ask to begin building your campaign is “what hasn’t been done before?” We explore every avenue within your budget to create an experience for your customers they won’t forget and motivate them to take action.

We strive to create an event or campaign people talk about, but we never forget why we are there. Is it to drive traffic to one of your locations? Make sales on the spot? Our focus is always on delivering the best return on your investment. Below are just few examples of the types of campaigns Jumpstart has successfully executed for clients across the country.

Our Process

Experiential Marketing

Jumpstart has been in the business of providing event based marketing for the last twenty years. During that time we have seen a tremendous evolution in the discipline from event based marketing to experiential marketing. The primary goal of event based marketing is to introduce a brand to the consumer, perhaps get them to sample the product. It was primarily about execution. Experiential marketing incorporates these elements but also seeks to create an emotional bond between the brand and the consumer through interaction involving as many of the senses as possible.

We view Experiential Events much like constructing a play. Have a compelling manuscript, put together a great cast, build a captivating set and have the audience leave with great memories of the event long after “The End”.


What is going to make this event memorable? What is the storyline? How can we build excitement even before they arrive? What emotions do we want the customer to feel? What do we want them to do when they leave the event? How can we make a lasting impression? What technologies can we utilize? What needs to be measured? What hasn’t been tried before? With these and a ton of other questions we create the framework for your customer’s experience from the moment they come into contact with the event to well after its conclusion.


Once we have defined what we want the customer to experience we have to create the environment that will support it. Going back to our play example we will look at the visual aspects of our storyline. What sight lines will make for the best presentation? What traffic patterns will yield the best interaction and results? Everything that comes into contact with the customer from collateral, to samples, to signage and Brand Ambassador dress code will be scrutinized to deliver the best possible impression.


We don’t hire people to work our events; we scout for talent. Just like putting together the cast of a great play. We not only look for the right individual, we want the cast to build off each other’s energy. We partner with top agencies across the country to find the right talent that will best represent your brand and deliver the experience you want for your customers. We thoroughly immerse our Brand Ambassadors in your products and your company identity so you can be completely confident the best possible experience is being delivered to your customers.

Think Again!!

We use every tool at our disposal to quantify your event and any programs that have been developed to give support. Jumpstart employs traditional measurement tools along with cutting edge technologies such as RFID cards that customers can use to instantly post photos to their Facebook page or enter them into a contest with a swipe, iPads that capture information and immediately upload to your site or digital signage that uses facial recognition to identify how long people are engaged with the messaging. We want to make sure we utilize all the tools at our disposal to quantify the results for you and provide the best return on your investment. The final question we always ask ourselves is how can we top this next time?

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